Ronaldo Lopes de Oliveira studied philosophy at the University of São Paulo and graduated in architecture and urban planning. In his early career as an architect in Brazil, he designed and planned remodels of government hospitals and clinics. In 1984, he immigrated to California with his young family. He began coursework in art and architecture at Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design, and at El Camino College working with teacher and sculptor Andy Fagan and drafted residential homes and business structures for Douglas Leach and Associates in Redondo Beach. Ronaldo eventually founded his own architectural firm, Oliveira Design.

Using pencil, micro pigment pens, sumi ink and gouache, Ronaldo’s work on paper shows a complex interaction of line, stroke, and color.  His sculptures, varying in sizes, are made of delicately welded silver, copper, and brass. His art explores the inventive possibilities and patterns within a complex space of story, time, and nature.

For Ronaldo, art is at the intersection of interwoven disciplines of architecture and urban planning with precise attention to natural and environmental space and a longtime commitment to sustainability. Whether in abstract paintings, drawings or sculpture, his artwork is always testing the possibilities of a creative balance and movement, with wonder, humor and an element of whimsical surprise.

artist statement